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Saturday, February 26, 2011

sampl of detailed lesson plan in Araling panlipunan

Detailed Lesson
I. Objectives
 A. Cognitive
           1. Name the beautiful spots in the Philippines.
           2. Identify where each spot is located.
 B. Affective
           1. Express themselves freely and creatively.
           2. Show love and appreciation for our country.
 C. Psychomotor
          1. Draw one of the beautiful spots in the Philippines.
          2.  Show on the map where each spot is located.

II. Subject Matter
         Arts Education
          Topic: Beautiful spots in the Philippines
A.    Subject of interest
Appreciation of the beautiful spots in the Philippines
B.     Art Activity
Creative writing
  III. Materials
            Oslo, crayon, crapes, colored pentel pens, Philippine map, and picture of beautiful spots in the Philippines
     IV. Procedure
            Teaching Strategy
             Teacher Activity                                                      Students Activity
A.    Introduction and Motivation                           
The Philippine is a beautiful
country. There are several
places in Luzon, Visayas, and
Mindanao that we can proud of.
Tourist from different countries
Come to see these places. Can you                            
name some of them?                                          Yes Maam
Okay, what  are these?                                      Intramuros, Nayong Pilipi-
                                                                              no, Luneta, Fort Santiago
Very Good…Where can we find            
 of these beautiful spots?                                      In the Philipines

Okay that’s good…Why do we that                  Because many tourist come    
These places are beautiful?                                and visit these places.
                                                                              and also one of the abun-
                                                                              dant and have  a good envi-
Very Good…who can pinpoint these
In the map?                                                         Pinpoint one of the students
   B. Lesson Proper 

Now class, want you to talk about  your experience in your trip in the beautiful places in the country.
     Thank class for your sharing. Wow, it’s a nice experience do you have. So, class gives them a clapped.          
So, now base on the picture, we observe that it is a good place, a very abundant, and fresh with clean air to breath, it has a green surrounding. Ok class as we already done, kindly get your materials such as crayons, craypas, pentelpen, etc.Listen class, I want you to draw a beautiful spots in our country, only one. Be creative   

                                                                                                                Call the name of the students who wants to talk       

Describe what is in the picture   



V. Evaluation
A. The pupils talk about their creative drawings.
       B. Let them evaluate their drawings as to color, design, line, shape and       texture.
       C. Display some best art work.

 VI. Agreement
       Project: Gather different spots in the Philippines. Every picture has a reflection

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