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Saturday, February 26, 2011


By: Samuel F. Gaches

Today is not yesterday.
Yesterday we were in peace.
Today we are at war.
Yesterday were in the humdrum of even tenor sedentary life.
Today we tread on the gangway that leads to destiny.
One soldiers on the battlefield. In lingayen, in vigan, in aparri, are making history, remaking it for our children and our children’s children.
You who are in Manila or in the provinces, the store clerk, the salesman, the street cleaner, the attorney, the physician, the bureau clerk, the street car inspector, the bus driver, the newspaper carrier, he stevedore, the movie house usherette , the cochero, each of you is also making and remaking history.
You are also in the gangway that will lead you at a rendezvous with destiny.
Your serenity and poise, your equanimity, and calmness in the face of danger.
Your loyalty to your daily duty, your fortitude, your patriotism, these are the intangibles that will help our soldiers win the war.
Do you part and victory will be yours.
Will you march ahead of the gangway for destiny now that your country needs you most?”
Yours is the reply.

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